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Bethesda is pulling all the stops to advertise the upcoming expansion that will bring players of The Elder Scrolls Online back to the settings of The Elder Scrolls IV: Morrowind.

Today Bethesda released a new TV commercial for the upcoming expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind.

Set into the iconic island of Vvardenfell, the expansion will offer about thirty hours of new adventures, and a new class (the warden), PvP battlegrounds, a new trial and more.

The expansion will be released on June 6th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you want to learn more about it, you can read our full news piece about the announcement, that also includes the new cinematic trailer.

Check out the ad below.

Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/2017/02/04/elder-scrolls-online-morrowind-expansion-gets-official-tv-commercial/

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