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Battlefield 1‘s current playerbase is leaps and bounds ahead of where Battlefield 4 was at this point after its launch in 2013.

A recent earnings call by Electronic Arts included new information about the publisher’s upcoming games, as well as updates on its more popular titles already on the market. It was announced during the call that Battlefield 1‘s average playerbase is approximately 50 percent larger than Battlefield 4‘s at the same point.

Battlefield 1 sold many more copies than originally projected, making it the biggest Battlefield launch ever. Battlefield 1 sold significantly more than EA’s other Q4 2016 shooter, Titanfall 2, but it is considered to be a “higher margin title” than Titanfall 2, which EA claims to be one of its best games of the year.

Other EA titles like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda were also discussed during the earnings call, but perhaps the biggest news out of the briefing was that the recently teased Skate 4 is not in development as so many were lead to believe.

Source: http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/battlefield-1-is-wiping-the-floor-with-battlefield-4/

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