COD: Remastered

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COD: Remastered

According to posts by MrEarthboundFan on Reddit, there is more hidden content that has now been discovered in the Modern Warfare Remastered files on PC.

Previously, these individuals leaked originally the codes for a supply drop system and possible new melee and ranged weapons.

In today’s leak, they have revealed that the previously rumored KAM 12 and XMLAR weapons now have Weapon Kits associated with them, meaning development of these weapons have progressed. Alongside this, they posted images of the two new weapons in a certain Kit.

In addition to the weapons, they have also found references to possible new attachments that could be coming to Modern Warfare Remastered. Some of these attachments appear to be from Modern Warfare 2, including “akimbo” and “heart beat” sensor.


Lastly, they also found new references to dual wielding pistols in the files, including left and right hand separate animations for Deagle, M9, and USP.

As always, these are all unconfirmed, and some of these items can be in the files just for testing with no release.

Raven Software’s Amos Hodge has stated that a “big update” is planned to come soon to Modern Warfare Remastered with bug fixes, which could possibly include new content, but there’s no confirmation as of now.


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