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Rocket League’s next big update, Starbase Arc, is out today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

First announced and revealed during The Game Awards 2016, Starbase ARC adds a space-themed Arena and Battle-Car, and is inspired by one of the develop’s (Psyonix) previous games: ARC Squadron.

The arena — appropriately titled Starbase Arc — is an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that orbits a huge desert planet where epic space battles take place in the background, and huge celestial bodies drift in the vastness of outer-space. Aka awesome.

In addition to the free ‘Starbase ARC’ Arena, Psyonix is also releasing a new premium DLC Battle-Car that comes with animated wings, and a fancy, futuristic look. The car DLC will cost $1.99 USD, and will be available sometime later today,

In other news, Psyonix announced Steam Workshop support is coming with its next update to PC, Mac, and SteamOS players. With this players will be able to create their own custom levels and upload them to the Steam Rocket League Community Hub.

Further, Psyonix also recently announced that a new feature called Custom Training, a feature on all platforms that allows players to create their own drills specific to their own play style.

As mentioned above, a new inside look-type video was released to accompany the update’s launch. You can check it out below:


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