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YouTube’s most popular channel, PewDiePie, hit a new milestone today, crossing 50 million subscribers. Earlier this week, in a rant about how changes to the service were costing him views, PewDiePie promised to delete his channel when he hit this milestone. In a tweet today, he said the end will arrive at noon (5PM GMT) tomorrow.

Promising to delete your channel, like announcing that you’ve decided to quit YouTube, or cancel your vlog, is not something most creators follow through on, at least not for good. But as PewDiePie put it, “complaining about YouTube gets you views.” It’s a populist punching bag that creators are only to happy to take advantage of when they are looking for a headline that will cut through the clickbait.

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/8/13892822/pewdiepie-50-million-youtube-subscribers-delete-account

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